Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wonder Woman

It's a low-res version, so sorry for the poor quality.
Sorry haven't updated this week. Will do a massive update within the next week or so of my University work. But until then have a quick sketch of Wonder Woman I drew and quickly coloured today.

Started reading the new 52 Wonder Woman comics recently, absolutely love them; but I have to say I don't understand why they've reverted back to the old style costume from Jim Lee's design in 2010. I much preferred the practical approach to the costume update rather than the revealing attire she has in the new 52.

I think after University, I may take up a personal project and redesign some super hero costumes from both Marvel and DC, male and female, and design them to what I believe to be more practical wear for fighting and their abilities etc. Not as a 'I hate all those designs' but rather as pracitse, I believe the project will push my creative side a little more, a bit of experimentation.

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