Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Picture 1 - Gesso and feathers on Somerset paper. 
Picture 2 - Mixed Media

Picture 3- Ink on Somerset Paper

Everything is getting a bit hectic at the moment, University deadline for assessment is getting closer, I've only got another week after this one and I'm still playing catch up at the moment, so this may be my last update for a while until everything has calmed down.

After doing colour tests, I decided to try using really feathers in my work (Picture 1). Although I liked the effect, it didn't quite work as strongly as my drawn feathers. So I moved off from that and tried a mixed media piece (Picture 2) , layering three sheets of tissue paper together. The front sheet just simply had the type on, the middle had feathers drawn on in ink, the back layer had photocopy transfers of real feathers.

I really liked this piece, however after my seminar I was told to revert back to drawing graphically rather than to continue with experimently with materials because I don't have the time between now and assessment to experiment to much.

Which I agree with, but I'm still glad I experimented, so I started drawing more graphically again and have also started working with a limited colour palette in inks, to try to help my work flow together rather than looking disjointed. (Picture 3) The last drawing is definately my strongest style in drawing, so I understand where my tutor is coming from.

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