Friday, 31 August 2012

First Commission!

I got my first commission since leaving University the other week and I've been working on it recently.

The commission is for a front cover for a book called 'Taking Chances' by Inez Meerema.

I started off with some quick sketchy thumbnails based on a short blurb she sent me about the book (I believe it's on wattpad).

I emailed these thumbs back to Inez, giving her some detailed descriptions of what I was going to do with each cover idea. She came back to me with her opinion, deciding upon number 4 as both her favourite and most appropriate for the story.

With the cover she chose, I took a lot of influence from classic comicbook poses/covers - which you may be able to tell.

The last two days I been working and reworking the two main characters designs and poses, trying to find the right combination and balance. Thankfully I bought a new light box recently, I found it made redrawing a hell of a lot easier, don't know what |I would have done without it.

Also, even within those few days my anatomical drawing skills have improved quite a bit (With help from the ComicTools blog- Thank you!) Starting to get pretty chuffed with my improvement- I need to learn to draw everyday, even if I don't feel like it.

I've ended up with the below as the final draft sketch for the two main characters on the cover. Now just to wait for my new paintbrushes to get here and I can start inking this up, and then onto my favourite part - the colours!

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