Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Saints

Sketching in Progress- Mid sketch. 

I've recently joined a voluntary youth empowerment project in Langport called New Saints, the project's aim is to create a community resource through the use and future development of All Saints Church. 

I've offered to help in design the project presentation board to be displayed in the church. So the other day I decided to visit the church and take some photographs and do a couple of sketches. 

In the end I managed to do one sketch, spending ages trying to get the perspective right, it started coming out really well, but then it began to rain, so I'm having to leave finishing it until better weather comes along. 

The photographs came out really nicely though, so I can make a start with the presentation boards, although I'd love to take some photos of the inside of the building next time it's open. 

I managed to find some great photos of the beautiful stained glass windows at All Saints church on flickr through Gordon Plumb's Photostream. Go check them out. 

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