Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Pens. New Style.

Recently, I have purchased a Pentel brush pen and a few other coloured brush pens after reading that Lucy Knisley uses one (I love her artwork in French Milk.)

I found that after my first sketch (above) my style had almost completely changed. I don't believe my style changed wholly because of the pen, but that it helped manifest this change. I think the main contributing factor to this change is Craig Thompson.

A few weeks ago I purchased both Habibi and Blankets by Craig Thompson, I absolutely adore these books, both the artwork and the stories are beautiful. I heartily recommend them to everyone, whatever your interest is in books.

I believe the stories have influenced the way in which I now see narratives and the way my linework has progressed into something more graphic based than the mess it was before.I think I will continue working and developing in this way with brush pens because I enjoy the comic/graphic based element my work has now gained.

New hardback cover to 'Blankets' by Craig Thompson.
Page Extract from 'Habibi' by Craig Thompson.

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