Wednesday, 2 November 2011


After continuing with my sketches about Chikatilo, using ink and my brush pens; I believe a narrative is beginning to arise slowly between and across the images. I am enjoying the graphic feel to the images, I believe the lack of complete graphic detail gives across a detached feel, making the illustration seem more cold and isolated.

The colours I have been using on the illustrations have also helped with the impact and mood given off with each piece. The blue/grey gives off a feeling of death to the bodies, a lack of life; the bright crimson skirt on the women gives the definite connotation of blood, and helps stimulate the feeling of death against the pale white skin.The black and brown ink helps lose the image in page, making the corpses almost disappear into the undergrowth, again bringing across the feelings of loss of life.

I think these images would work well as large litho prints, a small body lost within a large page of undergrowth, giving the feeling of being discarded and forgotten. More to be developed....

Dead. -Click for full image. 
Red Skirt - Click for full image.

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