Monday, 7 November 2011


My last seminar at University on the 28th of October was partly useful, partly confusing.

I was told by my peers that the pencil drawing 'Captive' was too sexual, something I already knew. However, they made some valid evaluations about the small graphic/comic styled illustrations and confirmed what I had thought:

  • A narrative/storyline is being read
  • Small and frantic- adding to disturbing-more dark imagery.
  • Colour adds more humanity- reds really grabs you- evokes danger quality.
  • Undergrowth wrapping around victims- disappearing- buried = creepy
    They also gave me some good points and questions to think on:

    • Which Side of the line am I looking at?
      • Observational or experience.
    • Control- not just physical, can be emotional.
      • E.g. Domestic violence/abuse
    • Juxtapose images- suggest rather than shout. 
    • Perhaps look at rope, tape and cable ties- again suggest with images of just rope instead of tied up women etc. 

    The last one I wasn't too keen on because it starts to lose a narrative when it is just of rope, however using an image of rope and juxtaposing it with another image appealed, and so I experimented with juxtaposition. 

    Rope. Draft. Nov 2011.

    Rope. Nov 2011
    Shame. Nov 2011
    Restrain. Nov 2011.

    Sorry about the image quality, the photographs were taken with the camera on my phone.

     In the seminar, they also suggested going back to using pencil instead of brush pens and ink, however I enjoying using them far too much to go completely back to using just pencil.

    While I thought of the comments my peers said were great and useful towards the techniques of my work, I didn't recieve anything helpful about the concept or undertone of my work, and so I am starting to feel a little lost about how to move on from the above.

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