Friday, 11 November 2011


I spent today pretty much doing intensely detailed doodling, in order to waste time until my tutorial at 14:15 in the afternoon. Drew two hands on separate paper, using the same graphic style as before but including some more detailed crosshatching; then went on to draw some hands bound together. I left the last illustration in black and white because I think it made a bigger impact as it was instead of adding in the blue/grey colouring.

After finishing these, I decided to shift everything about on my studio wall, I discovered that the separate hands worked really well when combined with the illustration 'Shame.'

After much 'faffing' with my work, I had my one to one with Ian Chamberlain. These are the quick notes I took from that tutorial:
  • Domestic Violence? More people can relate and have experienced. Can also use my own experiences with it
  • Can see my style of work in a Graphic novel/fanzine/printmaking.
  • Look into current news rather than vague historical events e.g. Chikatilo.
    • Perhaps take current event from newspaper and illustrate. e.g. M5 crash near Taunton. 
  • Or look into major historic events and adapt into comic form e.g 300/ From Hell.
  • Keep a narrative.
With this tutorial I discovered I was at a bit of a crossroads with my work. I didn't really have a concept, other than keeping a narrative; I didn't really know where to move onto, although through my research I had discovered what I was interested in: control, power, and the edges of morality. 
I will continue with research but perhaps keep too more contemporary and 'conventional' issues rather than serial killers.

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