Saturday, 20 April 2013

Charon Continuum

It's been a bit of manic day again today. Been doing a fair bit of design work for the Charon Continuum Project, which I'm part off.

Generally, I've taken a bit of an Admin/Organisational role for the project, but the website needed a bit of work to look nicer and we're in need of some posters and postcards to hand out for recruitment.

First, I sorted out the Wordpress site; it looked a bit of a mess. A little bit confusing, and not very user friendly. I changed the theme sorted out some settings, then I made a new header (below) for it.

I tried to make the header a bit Sci-Fi but also kind of 'trendy' and simple. I think it came out nicely considering I only done it all quickly this morning.

Now I'm working on the postcards/flyers to hand out at conventions and events this year. I'm trying to get at least one design completely finished before the start of May, so we can get them printed to hand out at the Bristol Comic Expo on the 11th-12th of May.

I've worked about 10 thumbnails so far, still need to do a few more, but I'm happy enough with one of the designs to carry on with for now.

It's a fairly simple design, copying the format of a newspaper, displaying both the subject of the first short story of the project and also all the needed information for new recruits and readers. Here's a screenshot of it in progress.

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