Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lucy Knisley and Sketchbook Making.

About a year ago I watched Lucy Knisley’s video ‘Life is the Story’ and I found it really inspiring and decided to make my own sketchpad.

I made it, and I did used it for a bit, but unfortunately it eventually started to fall apart and ended up being put to the bottom of my book pile and never being used again; I think maybe because I didn't make it very well (Spider-man wrapping paper)

Well I found it again yesterday, after a massive clean up in my room, and I decided to remake it. During my cleaning, I also found about 3 destroyed sketchbooks with all the pages falling out and decided to use those too.

I pulled the pages out of the sketchbooks and punched holes through every page, then I spent about 2 hours remaking the front and back covers to the new book, covering the board with nice fabric.

I think I’m going to enjoy using this sketchbook, it feels a lot nice in the hands then a wrapping paper covered book. I think it also looks a lot nicer too.

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